DateActionWho is involvedWhat is neededCostsOutcome   
Apr-19Prof Michelle Brown talk on the early history of Sennen and West Penwith, part 2: 6th-17th centuries, 26 April 2019, 7 pmJA, SJ and SCTH CommitteeOrganise event and advertise eventTime
Apr-19Arts and Crafts Fair at the Hall, on 28 April, 10:30 am - 3:30 pm - Proceeds go to Boost the Building projectAL and SCTH CommitteeOrganise event and advertise eventTime
Apr-19Auction, 21 April 2019 - Proceeds go to Boost the Building projectWR, PR, SJ and SCTH CommitteeAdvertising volunteer committee membersTime
Mar-19Visit of Women Police Officers - Metropolitan Women Police Association - A celebration of the life and service of Lilian Wyles at Sennen Church and blessing of a gravestone.AL, JA, JB and MP-BPreparation of coffees/teas and buiscuits for the Police Officers, at the Hall, prior to the service at the ChurchTime and coffee & tea personal donationDonations: ca. £75.00
Feb-19Committee member completed 3-day First Aid course as per H&S policy requirementsJAAttend course£55.00Review first aid policy and first aid cupboard equipment
Feb-19Submission of grant application to Isles of Scilly Community FundJA and MP-BAltered first submission. Made it more focused relating to the doors.TimeSubmission sent via email. Awaiting outcome.
Feb-19Organise Craft FairALContact community to see interest of monthly craft fairs at Hall during April and SeptemberTimeArts and Craft Fair on 28 April 2019
Feb-19Update booking form, action plan and websiteJA, MPB-B and TWDAdd AL to booking form and website. Go through website to update information and send to TWDTimeBooking form and website updated
Feb-19Jane and Robert Atkinson donated the money from Janet’s funeral (donated in lieu of flowers) to Sennen Churchtown Hall. Robert would like the money to go towards a defibrillator for the Hall.JALook up prices of defibrillatorsca. £1,500.00Atkinsons donations: over £500.00
Jan-19the Churchtown Hall fund.SCTH CommitteeAdvertise position on FacebookTimeAL agreed to take on the position temporary
Dec-18Christmas party to thank community for new roofSCTH CommitteeOrganise event, decorate Hall and prepare foodTimeApproximately 40 attended party
Dec-18A practitioner interested in using small room near kitchen for massage; however, room needs to be painted and upgraded before being used.Practitioner and CommitteePaint and upgrade roomTime and paintRefurbishment initiated, further work needed
Nov-18Possible meeting with Quantity Surveyor (TH)TH, AL, JA, MP-BDiscuss application for Big LotteryTimeMeeting postpond, as TH was not available
Nov-18Meeting to discuss fund applicationsJA, AL, MP-BResearch possible fundersTimeList of possible funders to apply for grants
Nov-18Contacted Big Lottery regarding 'our idea' as we were unsuccessful with the Garfield Weston application and they were linked.MP-B, JAEmail Big Lottery OfficerTimeWe can submitt our full proposal, eventhough we were not successful with Garfield Weston
Oct-18AuctionWR, PR, SJ + SCTH CommitteeAdvertising volunteer committee membersTime21/10/2018, money raised
Oct-18Clean Hall after builders leftAL, KL, MP-B, CommitteeClean HallTime29/09 to 7/10/2018; Hall clean
Sep-18Work on PoliciesJAUpdate PoliciesTimePolicies updated ready to be uploaded on website
Sep-18Submitted our idea to Big Lottery for Phase 2 of ProjectJA, MP-BWrite application of 'our idea', following the Big Lottery's standardsTimeSubmitted application.
Sep-18Submitted grant application to Isle of Scilly Steamship Community Fund for new doors for the HallJA, MP-B, CM, WR, CG3 Quotes for new doors and complete application formTimeApplication form submitted. Result Nov 2018: application unsuccessful. Try again in 2019
Aug-18Work on Business PlanMP-B, JA, CMUpdate information, proof readTimeBusiness Plan Updated Sep 2018
Jul-18On the 16 Jul 18 the Hall was closed due to health and safety following roof slipage and tiles fallingCommitteeNew Roof before Hall re-opens and all users to be informed. Work of Hall started in Aug 18.Hall re-opening following renovation of roof. Hall opened with new roof in Sep 18.
Jun-18Preparation and submission of grant application (Phase 2) - Garfield WestonMP-B, JA, CM, SJ,PC, CGPrepare information for grant application and complete formsTimeGrant submitted online 30 Jun 2018. Results of application: Oct 2018, unsuccessful
Jun-18Need Quantity Surveyor to prepare costings for whole projectMPB, JA, CG, THMP-B to contact Trevor Humphries regarding SCTH's costingsTo be included in grant applicationMeeting at the Hall, on 28 Jun 18, with TH, CG, MP-B, JA, HM, AL (+ Observer), PR, GP-B The project to be divided in 3 phases
Apr-18GDPR policy devised. Create account on MailChimp for contacting Friends of the Hall and Useres. Email address created, WD, MPBFriends of the Hall review, update booking form and review practiceTimePolicy agreed by committee. Emails via Mailchimp to Friends (GDPR) to be sent.
Feb-18AuctionWR, PR, SJ + SCTH CommitteeAdvertising volunteer committee membersTime27/05/2018, money raised £1,235
Feb-18Fund raising event:Lecture with cheese & wine - Celtic History of our RegionProf Michelle + SCTHArrange a dateTime13-Apr-18
Feb-18Tenders for the roofing contractors were sorted. The work on the new roof is planned to begin in August 2018SJ, JAQuotes for the roof (as spec). 4 Roofers approached.Time2 Roofers submitted quotes and committee appointed Ben
Feb-18Marketing: CTH adverts: possible signage (Cove and Churchtown)SCTH CommitteeDiscuss with Parish CouncilTimeBetter sign posting of SCTH activities and events
Feb-18Future managementSCTH CommitteeAgenda item next meeting: to invite volunters/observers to contribute to specific agenda item (or observe all of the meeting)TimeContribute to a regular agenda item (involvement in specific tasks)
Feb-18Investigate pros and cons of initiating new user activities/services as defined/suggested from surveysCommittee volunteerSurvey information (top five)TimePossibility & Sustainability of new activities/ SWOT analysis/margins of error
Feb-18Revenue income: graphs per user type/footfall & incomeJA data collection; MPB spreadsheet to record future income; Janet A to record future income dataTally of data; New spreadsheet (excel); Janet trained to input ExcelTimeClear data of revenue income from users
Feb-18Revenue funds: potential costings of utilities (including sustainable energy/water)Committee & CGTime
Feb-18Capital funds: potential funders (including special requirements)Committee, CGResearch local established business (e.g. Tesco, Banks, Morrisons, Sainsbury, Isles of Scilly Steam Ship Co, building companies, DIY companies, ST Austell, Warrens, Rodders, Tregomills, Ginsters, English China Clay, etc.)Include VAT
Feb-18Update and upload further SCTH policiesSCTH CommitteeUpdated H&S Policy (conditions of hire, alcohol policy, environmental policy, events & entertainment, finance, sale of goods, volunteer management)TimeUpdated policies on website and at Hall
Feb-18Update business planMPB, CM, JA, JB, AW (CRCC)Work on business plan, prepare graphs and tablesTimeUpdated
Feb-18Preparation of whole project for full plans submission (Building control application stage)CGCharles to prepare£510 on 10 Mar 18Building Regulations Full Plans Approvals Subject to Conditions 23 May 2108
Dec-17Attend meeting with Jenny Fish (Big Lottery)MPB, GPB Travel to Stenalees to attend meeting at local Community HallTime and travel: personal donationInformation about changes at the Big Lottery regarding grant applications
Dec-17Submission of whole project taking into account survey and consultation information - Cornwall CouncilCGCharles to submitt application£770 on 7 Dec 17 and £770 on 19 Dec 17Application Validated 05 Jan 18 Decision issued date 02 Mar 18
Nov-17Request extension of Big Lottery Awards for AllMPBemail Big LotteryTimeExtension awarded until 31 March 2018
Nov-17Hall's Heritage Information (2018?)Committee, CommunityCollect local heritage information about the Hall and digitilise, discuss at committee meeting and plan an event at HallTimeHistorical collection Village Hall information
Nov-17Results of M&S competitionM&SHall in 3rd place (Cornwall West region) with more than 750 votes and more than £700 from the crowdfunding
Oct-17AuctionCommitteeDonations of furniture etc received and auction of goods held for the communityFood hygene certificates (£20) personal donationMoney raised: £1,284.61
Oct-17Attend M&S store engagement event at HayleAlison, JB, MPBTake posters and leafltes advertising the Vote for Solar projectTime and travel: personal donationMore people aware of the Hall's project and voting for 'Vote for Solar'
Oct-17Preliminary preparation of roof specification and invitation of tendersCG, CommitteeInformation for potential roofers
Sep & Oct-17Advertising M&S 'Vote for Solar' project at: Farmers' market, throughout Sennen, St Just and St Buryan (homes, pubs, school, church, shops, businesses, etc.), via leafltes, emails, FaceBook and Hall's websiteCommitttee, Friends of the Hall, Sennen CommunityVotes for Hall's Solar projectTimeIncrease number of votes
Sep & Oct-17Preparation of leaflets and banner 'Vote for Solar'CM, MPB, SJPrint leafltes at Headland printers PZ and order banner onlinePersonal donationMaterial for marketing of project 'Vote for Solar'
Sep-17Submission of roof planning application (Cornwall Council)CGCharles to submitt application£385.00 (rebate: £190.00)Application Validated 3 Oct 17 Decision issued date 23 Nov 17
Sep-17Meeting with Church Parish CouncilMPB, GPB and Church Parish CouncilDiscuss plans with Church Parish CouncilTimeAgreement and support
Aug-17Consent from Diocese of Truro neededCM, SJ, PC, Vanda, CG, Diocese TruroTimeAgreed Sep 17
Jul-17Community Consultation EventSCTH Committee, CG and CRCC adviser. Wider community"To explore the development, ecological sustainability and future for a community use building... in order to meet the needs of an evolving community"(BIG LOTTERY)Cost: £126 (CRCC)See minutes: number of people attending and views expressed
Jul-17Preparation of List of Friends of the HallNF, JAAdvertise Facebook, Community EventTimeMore volunteers and supporters
Jul-17M&S Grant - Hall shortlisited: need to get a video prepared for the Hall's page and set up the page on M&S website & crowdfundingChristiaan Bailey, Wynne Jones, SJ, PC, CM, MPB, JA, Friends of the Hall & Sennen CommunityChristian Bailey offered to prepare the video for Hall£50 for editing software £50 aerial drone photographerVideo ready for Hall's page & page set-up on M&S website. Launch: September 2017
Jul-17Complete M&S Energy grantJA, CM, MP-BSubmission by 23 June (submission date extended)TimeSolar panels for the Hall. Submitted 01/07/17
Jul-17Write letter to Mark Broomfield (Planning, Cornwall Council) regarding reconsideration of decision of wet laid slates to dry MPB, CMEmail sent to Mark Broomfield (copies to James Hardy and Helen Hawkins)TimeReplacement of dilapidated scantle slate roof with dry laid slate with diminishing courses accepted; Submit planning application of roof seperate to main project
Jun-17Submission of roof pre-planning applicationPCPC to submit form£47.00A Full Planning Approval needed before moving ahead with the re-roofing;
The Planning Authority would probably like to see the new replacement roof finished in wet laid slate
Jun-17SJ consulted the Council re-the need to planning application - urgency of the new roof replacement and possible solar panelsSJTelephone call to CouncilTimeSubmission of roof plans to Cornwall council in Jul 17 and preliminary specification from CG
Jun-17Analyses of surveys and resulting dataJA, MP-BSurveymonkeyTimeInformation for CG regarding design
May-17Janet Atkinson became co-booking officer, in place of Nicolle Fisher: change website and forms with new detailsMPB and TWDTWD to upload new booking form and update websiteTimeUp to date information on website
May-17Contact CG and CRCC regarding dates for Consulation EventMP-BAgree possible datesTimeJuly 3rd 2017 Event
May-17Community Event Pie and Mash with QuizAll CommitteeMembers to run eventCost of FoodMoney raised: £331
May-17Upload survey information to SurveymonkeyJA, MP-BWritten surveyssee belowAll data collated for analyses
May-17Roof quote received from BenSJ2 further quotes needed, SJ to contact CG re-situation and for his inputQ1: £19000New roof
May-17Discussion roof pre-application & enquire about Parish Council supportCommittee, CGApplicationSee minutesSubmission of pre-application by PC in Jun 2017
May-17ROOF: discussion of deterioration of roofCommittee, Brian Bridgen & Gerald JacksonMeeting re- urgency of repair of roof£60Urgent repair carried out, Replacement required before the winter
Easter MondayFund raising event: AUCTION at village hall with refreshments (not previously recorded but will be from now on)All committeeDonations of furniture etc received and auction of goods held for the communityTimeMoney raised: over £1620 + £200 donation from Claire Bear
Apr-17Funding secured for Nurturing for Carers courseClaire Lucas, Nicolle FisherPlanning of eventTime1150.85 for event
Apr-17Initial discussion followed by formal application for Carers Well-being grantClaire Lucas, Nicolle Fisher, M-PB, JA, SJExploration of need, possible up-take, dates etc. TimeCL Submission of grant application to CRCC
Apr-17Process and upload hard copies surveysMP-B, JATimeSurvey numbers: over 60's= 51; 5-14=67; 15-20=2; under 5's=12
Mar & Apr-17Display Plans/sketches at Sennen market and gather commentsM-PB, GB, JAAcquired informationTimeViews of the general public
Mar-17Advertisement placed in West Country Advertiser re SCTH FB Boost to advertise SCTHMP-B, SJ, CMWCA:personal donation FB: £7Boost profile, views, information
Mar-17Sketches/plans printed at AO printer works St JustM-PB, GB3 @ £35 discounted rateSketches/plans of Hall collected from printers (St Just)
Mar-17Consultation meeting at the request of Clair Lucas re application for funding from "Carers Wellbeing Grant" to run a "Carers Wellbeing course" CL with NF, MP-B & JAAssessment of need and possible uptake Outlineof planning ideas for courseTimeGrant to be made by end of April. Grant to be used by August 2017. MP-B & CL to prepare info. SCTH Committee approval received
Market teas and coffees (previously not recorded but will be in future)M-PB, GB, RobTea and coffeeTime and coffee & tea personal donationProfit of £91.36
Jan/Feb - 17Prepare and advertise 4 surveys to identify the needs of the elderly, pre-sch children, children, youth Advertise surveys and approach Sennen School, Pre-school, Cape Cornwall. Packs to Sennen stores, Escalls, Apple tree café, First and Last pub, Old Success, Sennen church, Sennen market, FB and SCTH website, CornishmanM-PB, JA + CM, Becky Malby & Amy Walker from CRCC & VP S-J, NF, Sarah Stanton-Nadin. TWD.SurveyMonkey's questionnaire(s) to be devised and set up both on-line and manually (hard copy)Survey monkey upgraded to £26 per month (personal donation) Hard copy surveys 240 copies £58 Headland printers PZ (Big Lottery)
Jan-17Awards for All draft application updated according to NG comments.MP-B, TWD, CM, NFAcquired information and BL infoTimePromote and publicise BL Funding- shared with the wider Community
Jan-17M-PB to email Cornwall Council, The Diocese of Cornwall, CRCC, PCDT reguarding reciept of BL grantM-PBEmail information and agreementTimeAll parties informed
Jan-17CG to attend SCTH Committee meeting 16/01/17CG & CommitteeCG to discuss sketch plans. Appointment will be signed by SJ and PCTimeSCT Committee fully up to date with ideas, plans etc
Jan-17CG provided a comprehensive " RIBA Plan of work" CG & CommitteePlans in detail with potential costs broken down into RIBA stages£1,200To be discussed with Committee
Jan-17Big Lottery informed Committee that grant to go public 17/01/17.PCMoney from BL £10,000 received to pay architect fees up to and including, RIBA stages 4a. BL to also fund the CRCC advisor for the Community consultation Event and SurveyMonkey/ printing
Dec-16Meeting with CG architectM-PB, CM, NF, GP-B, WR, PR, CGExplore and discuss data from surveyTimeCG to send an appointment letter to the committee. Appointment received 04 Jan 17
Dec-16Received the offer letter from Big LotteryMP-B, SJ, PCBank details required and signed letter from SJ submittedTimeMoney deposited in the bank on 23 Dec 2016
Nov-16Update SCTH Booking formCM,MP-BInclude information re-safeguarding policy on formTimeAmended form to be uploaded on website
Nov-16PAT testing & annual electrical update certificateSJ, CM, MP-BMP-B, CM to supply SJ current electrical certificate; SJ to contact Davey & Gilbert £57.60Completed Jan 17
Nov-16Contact Nationwide SurveyorsPCPC to complete form and send to Nationwide surveyors£936.00Completed Dec 16
Nov-16Reply to Chris Cowcher re-Village SOS feedbackMP-BComplete Village SOS surveyTimeSurvey submitted
Nov-16Inform CRCC (Amy Walker), PCDT (Beccy Trehair) and Rebecca Evans (Diocese of Truro) that we had submitted AA applicationMP-BSend emailsTimeEmails sent and received acknowledgments from Rebecca Evans and Amy Walker
Nov-16Submit Awards for All (Big Lottery) Grant ApplicationMP-BSJ's details for the Awards for All grant applicationTimeAwards for All grant application submitted on 9 November 2016
Nov-16Upload SCTH's Policies, Action Plan and Acknowledgment/Thank yous page on SCTH's websiteJA, CM, MP-BJA to supply Policies; MP-B, CM & JA to supply Action Plan and Acknowledgment pageTimeTWD uploaded Policies, Action Plan and Acknowledgement page to website
Nov-16Complete the Awards for All Grant applicationJA, CM, MP-BPublic liability insurance information from PCTimeAW comments received and draft needs editing
Oct-16SCTH committeeAll membersShow and discuss Action Plan, Website, Policies, H&S/PAT testing, Public liability insuranceTime
Oct-16Work on Awards for All draft application.JA, MP-B, CMTimeUpdated nearing completion. Email Amy with question re Q18
Sep-16Awards for All draft application updated according to NG comments.JA, MPBSubmitted to AW for commentsTimeAW comments received and draft needs editing.
Sep-16Chronological action produced and reviewedJA, MPBTimeNext steps reviewed. To work on “Awards for All” grant Application
Sep-16Awards for All draft application devised by M-PB and sent to NG with a list of questionsMP-B, CM, NGRequest info re-application in order to finalizeTimeNG replied with answers and suggestions and informed M-PB that she was soon to go on maternity leave and that Amy Walker (AW) would become new point of contact. Amy is a full-time worker whereas NG was only p/t 2 days so aim is for the project to gather speed.
Aug-16Reply from Diocese of Truro re- extension of leaseVanda PerretWe can't extend the current lease, but can terminate it by way of a deed of surrender, and then simultaneously complete a new 35 year lease. The fee for this would be £1,650 plus VAT. Committee decided to carry on with the current lease as there is still 17 years to go.
Aug-16Revised quote sent to NGMP-B, CM, NGNG approvedTimeStage reached for completing the grant Awards for All grant application.
Jul-16NG queried the quote –why was more expensive architect chosen?NG, Committee membersIssue discussedTimeEmail sent to CG to discuss the quote and meeting held. Total quote inc VAT for CG was reviewed and new quote given (£10,200)
Jul-16Letter sent to CG requesting quoteMP-B, CMQuote sent by CGTimeQuote 58% more (up to tender stage) than other architect’s quote.
Jun-16NG (CRCC) again asking for architect quoteMP-B, NGMP-B explained quote issues with NGTimeNG stated a quote was needed asap and NG provided a template for quote guidance.
Jun-16KB emailed to say that for CG to provide a quote the full requirements of the hall project would be neededKB, MP-BMP-B emailed NG (CRCC) (MP-B on holiday)
May-16Meeting with Kevin Brownridge (delay as on holiday)MP-B, GP-B, NF, CM, Will Rees (WR), JH, KBDiscussion of needs, quote requestedNo chargeKB to get in touch with CG to discuss a quote
Apr-16NG (CRCC) asking for architect quoteMP-B, NGDelays due to holiday and scheduled meetings
Apr-16Architects discussed and one selectedCommittee membersArchitect presentations & costs discussedTimeCharles Griffith selected
Apr-16Charles Griffith (CG) presentationCG, Committee membersPresentation given & questions askedTimeCG – estimated feasibility study would cost around £4,000. Plus £1,500 for the Measured Survey. Final quote would be given if CG chosen by committee. CG recommended Kevin Brownridge (KB) for writing fund applications/feasibility study.
Apr-16Rebecca Evans (RE) (funding rep from Diocese Truro) attended meeting at SCT HallMP-B, GP-B, CM, June Hicks (JH), NF, REProject discussedTimeRE offered her support and provided information
Apr-16Lease of Hall found out to last a further 17 yearsCommittee membersHow will this affect the project?TimeSJ & CM to write to Vanda Perrett to ask her to request lease extension from the Diocese of Truro.
Apr-16Draft Award for All (Big Lottery) application preparedMP-B, CMArchitect quoteTimeCopy of draft sent to NG (CRCC) and BT (PCDT).
Mar-16Nigel Turner (NT) presentationNT, Committee membersPresentation given & questions askedTimeNT – estimated feasibility study would cost around £2,500-£5,000. Final quote would be given if NT chosen by committee.
Feb-16Action plan for website consideredMP-BNot followed up at this stage
Feb-16Meeting with Cllr Maddern, James Hardy and Mark Broomhead (Head of planning for The West CCC)MP-B, GP-B, CM, NFTo introduce us to Head of planning CC, to discuss the project with CC backingTimeDianne to be our contact Case Officer for future pre-application enquiries. CC representatives talked about how they see the project unfolding. Ensure liaison with both CC and architect
Dec 15-Feb 16Possible Architects sought and identifiedM-PB, CMContact architects Richard Marsden, Alice Burt (AB), Danny Tregear, Nigel Turner, David ScottTimeQuotes received from Richard Marsden. AB was not insured for such project and recommended Charles Griffith
Nov-15Visit to St Erth Village Hall to find out about other village experiencesMP-B, NF, Derek TilbyExplore links and information regarding funders and architectTime & Travel by personal donationGrant funder considered but SCT Hall Committee decided to carry on as we are for now
Dec 15-Oct 16H&S, Fire, Risk Assessment Policies studied, upgraded, etc.JA, PCH&S, Fire, RA policies up-to-dateTimePAT tested
Sep-15Policies for SCT Hall studied –many found to be out-of-dateMP-BUpdates neededTime
Sep-15Feasibility Study initiated under NG Action PlanMP-B, NGNeed to explore possible architectsTime
Aug-15Application to Cllr’s Chest Fund made and submitted to CC for electrical upgrade of the HallMP-B, CM, PCApplication made£500 additional cost made by SCT HallFunding received. Electrics upgraded (half of cost covered)
Aug-15Meeting at SCT Hall with JH (CC) and Cllr Maddern (CC) to discuss Hall’s project. Possibility of “Coastal Revival Fund” exploredMP-B, GP-B, NF, CMView Village Hall, discuss project and explore source of fundingTimeRe- “Coastal Revival Fund” - No funding available for Sennen area. Cllr Maddern advised application for “Cllr’s Chest Fund" £500 for electrical upgrade of the Hall
Aug-15Meeting at SCT Hall with NG to discuss project and Action Plan (Village SOS project plan of support)MP-B, NF,NGPrepare/discuss Action planTime & NG (costs paid by Village SOS)Action Plan
Jul-Aug 15One hour telephone meeting with Chris Cowcher (Village SOS & ACRE-Action with Communities in Rural England)MP-B, CCTo explore hall eligibilityTimeFunding of ca. £1,215 to pay CRCC to assist with the project (NG to set up Action Plan)*
Jul-15NG (CRCC) suggested registration of SCT Hall for “Village SOS” (Big Lottery Programme)MB-PRegistration madeTimeRegistered
Jul-Aug 15Possibility of Marks and Spencer FundingCM, MP-BApplication made including quotes for solar panelsTimeProgress made and short-listed Application turned down due to lack of feasibility study and preparation
Jun-15MP-B contacted organizations to explore next stepsMP-BPCDT, CRCC and CCTimeNext steps explored
Jun-15SCT Hall registered with Funding CentralMP-BTimeMP-B receives newsletters
Jun-15Draft Business Plan updated and added toMB-PTime
Jun-15Survey returns –approx 283 & analysis carried outMB-P, CM, SurveyMonkeySummary produced for SCT Hall’s website, CC , CRCC, The Cornishman and FacebookTime and costs by personal donationData collection and analysis. Potential users and hirers identified
Apr-15Survey prepared and carried out online and paper form - consultation to identify level of use of SCT Hall, nature of uses and ideas for new activitiesMP-B, CM, JT (CA), NG (CRCC), Jane Atkinson (JA), Janice Bridgen (JB), NG (CRCC), BT (PCDT), Vanda Perrett (VP)(Church), All members of SCT Hall CommitteeAdvertisments re survey: Cornishman, Facebook (SCT Hall, First and Last Pub, Land’s End Benefice, Penwith Radio), SCT Hall’s Website, Claire Lucas Art Exhibition at ArchieBrowns (PZ); Stand at Sennen Farmers’ Market; Distribution of leaflets/ questionnaire - around village£250 for printing hard copies of the survey - personal donationWide distribution and coverage in order to reach the whole community
Mar-15“Survey Monkey” identified as platform to use for village ConsultationMP-BSurvey ideasPersonal donation covered Survey Monkey monthly feesSCT Hall registered at SurveyMonkey (Select Plan up to 1,000 responses at £26/month)
Mar 2015 – to dateSCT Hall website set-up and maintained by “Tasty Web Design” (TWD)TWD, CM, Nicolle Fisher (NF), MP-BOnline information available to allWeb site services donated by ‘Tasty Web Design”, Personal donationInformation freely available
Oct-14Just Giving set up onlineChris Mawer (CM), PC, SJOnline donation platform£18/monthDonations
Oct-14Meeting the potential funders regarding possible grant applications - MarazionMP-B, Graeme Paterson-Beedle (GP-B)Networking – for potential funding sources e.g. Big Lottery, Cornwall Community Foundation, West Cornwall Youth Trust, Community Assist and PCDT, CC, Devon & Cornwall Housing, FEAST (Art communities)Personal links made with BT (PCDT), AA (PCDT) and JT (CA). Meeting arranged for JT (CA) and BT (PCDT) to meet with members of the committee at SCT Hall.
Sep-14Contacted West Cornwall Halls (WCH) to include SCT Hall on their directoryMP-BCommunication with Gemma FinneganTimeWCH was a Big Lottery funded project which ended in Dec 2014.
Sep-14Initial work carried out on a “Business Plan” for SCT HallMP-B, Ann McMaster (AM) (Church source), PC, Sarah Judd (SJ)Information sourced from old records (SCT Hall’s committee files and St Sennen’s Church minutes) and Office for National Statistics websiteTimeDraft doc re historical background, current & past users/activities, etc
Sep-14Application to subscribe to “Vital Venues”Paul Cooper (PC)Annual subscriptionVital Venues used for on-going information source
Sep-14Jo Horward discussed possible funding link ‘Repair and Renew Grant’ via CCJH, MP-B, Eddy Martin (EM)Contacted EM (CC) regarding eligibility of SCT Hall. No action taken - According to DEFRA we could only apply for the grant if the complete work on the roof was completed by 31 Mar 2015, which was not the case.
Jul 14 - to dateResearch/make links / signposting/information sharingMarion Paterson-Beedle (MP-B)Communications with Cornwall Council (CC) [Jo Howard initially (JH) then James Hardy JH)], Community Assist (CA) [Jon Teague (JT)], Penwith Community Development Trust (PCDT) [Beccy Trahair (BT)and Amanda Addo (AA)], Cornwall Rural Community Charity (CRCC)[Nikki George (NG)], Action with Communities in Rural England (ACRE) [Chris Cowcher (CC).Time and costs by personal donationNetworking links set up