Sennen Churchtown Hall:

Equal Opportunities Policy

Policy Statement

Sennen Churchtown Hall acknowledges that the United Kingdom is diverse in culture, race, beliefs, and
religion and believes that no individual or group of people should receive less favourable treatment on the
grounds of gender, age, colour, race, nationality, racial or national origins, cultural heritage, disability,
marital status, social background, sexual orientation or geographical location.
The purpose of this Policy Statement is to set out clearly and fully the positive action that the Sennen
Churchtown Hall Committee intend to take to combat direct and indirect discrimination in management of
the organisation, relationships with other bodies, and the services it provides to the community, community
organisations and individuals.
Sennen Churchtown Hall Committee is committed to providing equality of opportunity in all areas of its
work. It aims to overcome discrimination on the grounds mentioned above. The Trustees recognise that
positive steps need to be taken to ensure equality of provision in areas of representation, service provision,
membership and access and will take action to make this policy effective.
Sennen Churchtown Hall Committee members are committed to the equal opportunities policy set out in
this document and will work to develop, improve and monitor it.
Our aim is to ensure that we become aware of discrimination and the problems it causes. Therefore,
The Sennen Churchtown Hall Committee

will challenge practices, legislation and institutions, which seek to discriminate against or deny the
rights of individuals or groups in any form.

will seek to take positive action to address the inequalities in our society.
The Equal Opportunities Policy and Code of Practice
The Committee acknowledges the definitions of various groups of people who are vulnerable to
discrimination as set out in the relevant legislation.
The Committee will support and implement the
legislation and will work to ensure that no person protected by the legislation is discriminated against
unlawfully, and that any positive obligations and duties are performed.
Specific commitments
The Trustees recognise that the legislation applies to persons who may or may not be apparently disabled
or ill.
2. Age
The Trustees believe that people of all ages have skills experiences and ideas, which are equally valid, and
have valid needs, expectations and aspirations.3. Ethnic Minorities
The Trustees will be alert to any implications of its services and actions for potential unlawful
discrimination. The Trustees will challenge racism in any form and will encourage its users to do the same.
4. Gender and Sexual Orientation
Sexist policies, practices and attitudes (including policies, practices and attitudes which may relate to
sexual orientation and gender re-assignment) will be challenged, and users will be encouraged to do the
5. Religion and Belief
The Trustees endorse the right of each individual to his or her own religious beliefs or the absence of a
The Code of Conduct
1. All persons using the Hall will be treated with dignity and respect regardless of the group to which they
2. All feelings and views will be valued and respected. Language or humour that people find offensive will
not be used or tolerated, e.g. racist jokes or derogatory terminology.
3. No one will be harassed, abused or intimidated on the ground that they belong to a vulnerable group.
Incidents of harassment will be taken seriously, and an impartial and thorough investigation will be
undertaken should any complaints be made.
Policy written by J Atkinson Oct 2016 Updated March 2018
Checked by Chris Mawer Oct 2016
Agreed by the Committee on