Here you will find a review of past and present grant applications made by the Sennen Churchtown Hall Committee to enable us to progress towards the fulfilling the project.

Committee applied for £4,000 from Grassroots Grant (Cornwall Community Foundation) for the installation of a new septic tank and drainage works. Grant approved.

Committee applied for £500 from Cllr Maddern’s Chest Fund for electrical upgrade of the Hall. Grant approved.
Committee applied to Village SOS (Big Lottery Programme) for support with grant application. Application was successful and funding (£1,215) was available to pay Cornwall Rural Community Charity (CRCC) for support.

In November 2016, with support from Village SOS and CRCC, the Committee applied for an Awards for All (£10,000), Big Lottery grant for the project, ‘Sennen Churchtown Hall Feasibility Study’, which was approved in December 2016. The aims of the project being:

To address the critical difficulties presented to the Committee due to the deterioration of the structure/ building of SCTH. Further deterioration will result in the building becoming unsafe and unusable – directly affecting the availability of the hall and its use by many users/organizations.

To ensure the needs and aspirations of the community are suitably listened to and addressed in plans.

Ultimately to inform the Business Plan.


Committee applied for a Carers Well-being grant from CRCC (£1,150.85p). Grant approved.
Committee applied for a Marks & Spencer Energy Grant, i.e. £12,000 for solar panels for the Hall’s roof. SCTH was shortlisted and came in 3rd place (Cornwall West Region) with more than 750 votes and > £700 was received from Crowdfunding (see video, Figure 18). The link to the video can be found at .


Committee applied for Garfield Weston grant (£150,000). Unsuccessful.
Committee applied for Isles of Scilly Steamship Community Fund (£5,000). Unsuccessful
Submitted ‘Initial Idea Application’ to Reaching Communities (1st Stage) – Big Lottery (£52,000). ‘Initial Idea’ agreed; therefore, we need to work towards the Full Application (2nd Stage).


Submitted a re-worked second application to the Isles of Scilly Steamship Community Fund (£5,000) for new doors. Awaiting results.