Hall Background and Organisation

Brief History

Sennen Churchtown Hall, is located on the A30, Sennen, Cornwall/Kernow, Post Code TR19 7AD. It is the first and last hall in the UK mainland and has been an invaluable asset in the local community for over 100 years.

The Hall was conveyed as a gift to the Rector of St Sennen Parish Church in 1898 (according to minutes of the St Sennen Church Parish Council) and was known then as ‘Sennen Church School’ and ‘Church Room’. In 1951 the Rector, Rev R D Wynne, proposed to sell the ‘Church Room’ to the Church Parish Council for a nominal sum of £5 to cover legal fees; the offer was accepted and the Parish Church Committee was responsible for any money involved over and above the sum of £5 in the legal transfer. In 1952 it was agreed that a public meeting be called to consider raising funds for the improvements of the ‘Church Hall’, i.e. the extension (kitchen and toilets).

In 1997 the ‘Church Hall’ was passed over to the Village Committee on a 35 year lease and became known as the ‘Sennen Churchtown Hall’ (St Sennen Parish minutes). On 1st May 2002, a Deed of Trust was signed and a management committee (Charity Trustees) was appointed by the Charity ‘Sennen Churchtown Hall’, Registered Charity No 1094500. The Property is subject to the Deed of Trust which are:

1. The leasehold land and buildings known as Sennen Churchtown Hall as comprised in a Lease dated 21st October 2001 made between The Truro Diocesan Board of Finance (1) The Parochial Church Council of the Parish of Sennen (2) and the Holding Trustees (3).
2. The freehold land being a field adjoining 1 above, comprised in a transfer dated 10th July 2001 between David Howard Evans, Shirley Evans, and Janet Aldridge (1) and the Holding Trustees (2).

Objects of the Organisation

The Property and the trust fund and its income shall be applied for the purposes of a village hall for the use of the inhabitants of the Parish of Sennen without distinction of sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, nationality, race or political, religious or other opinions, including use of the Property for meetings, lectures and classes or other forms of recreation and leisure time occupation in the interests of social welfare and with the object of improving the conditions of life for the said inhabitants.

Organisational Management

The organisation has Charitable Status (Registered Charity No 109450) since 1st May 2002.
The current Management Committee consists of 13 trustees, including a chairperson, treasurer, secretary and bookings officer (see Table 1). Two trustees are Sennen Parish Councillors and one trustee represents the Parochial Church Council of the Parish of Sennen. The Committee meets monthly and the Churchtown Hall has no staff at the present moment. The members of the committee (all volunteers) bring to the organisation expertise from a wide range of backgrounds.

Table 1. Members of the Sennen Churchtown Hall management committee (2021-2022).

Alan Thomas

Jane Atkinson

Paul Cooper

Alison Leighton