Privacy Policy

This site respects your privacy and does not collect personal information from your visit to us, but like other sites we do collect general statistical information about browser types, operating systems, and the number and length of pages visited. This helps us understand and improve the user experience.


Web Accessibility means everyone can use a website, even those who are blind, partially sighted, or have limited movement. To comply with UK disability laws, sites need to observe standards of accessibility. This site meets the basic international accessibility standard, called WCAG Level 2 A, but if you have any difficulties, please do inform the designer.


This site does not currently use cookies, which are harmless text files sent to your browser to follow your site visit. UK and EU law now requires sites to get your consent to cookies being sent by a site.

Responsive Design

The site layout uses what is called a responsive design, meaning it intentionally adapts the dispay to the size of your screen when you use a pc, tablet or smartphone. The layout may be different on different devices, but if you have any comments please do advise the developers – accessiblity is important.