Sennen Churchtown Hall Survey

Sennen Churchtown Hall Committee would like to thank everyone who completed the 2015 and 2017 surveys, the results of which we present here, starting with 2015:

2015 Results:

In total 284 ‘Public’ surveys were completed, 190 of them online. There were also 21 ‘Hirers’ surveys completed.

Results summary, %s rounded to nearest whole:
67% respondents were aged 21-60

Priority areas for improvement:
90% placed a new roof for the Hall as top priority;
2nd priority (53%) = upgrade of toilet facilities;
3rd priority (41%) = provide disabled access;
4th (39%) = improve heating & insulation;
5th (34%) = upgrade electrical system.

Hall use/activities of most interest:
48% selected Private functions (e.g. weddings, birthdays, anniversaries);
45% Fundraising events;
42% Keep-fit, ditto Yoga;
37% Film club, ditto Music/singing;
34% Drama (plays); 33% Art or craft classes;
30% Dancing, ditto Tai-chi, ditto Educational classes, ditto Coffee mornings;
28% Exhibitions/shows;
26% Photography;
25% Circuit/cross fit training;
24% Pre-school playgroup;
23% Book club, ditto Parent and toddler group;
22% Luncheon club for over 60s, ditto Senior citizens group, ditto Youth club;
21% Cookery club, ditto Uniformed organisations (e.g. Guides, Scouts, Brownies);
18% Special needs related;
17% Gardening club;
16% Vulnerable adults (e.g. bereaved, recently divorced); 15% Counselling;
14% Flower arranging;
13% Job seekers support;
10% Young farmers.

70% of participants interested in hiring the hall were interested in hire for a “1-off event”.

Importance of the Hall for the community:
Around 75% of respondents said the Hall enabled them to meet other local people & to feel more connected to the wider local community.
65% said it enabled them to try a new activity or encouraged them to get more involved in other local activities or organisations;
55% said it provided greater knowledge of what is happening locally;
35% said it provided access to services which would otherwise be difficult to access (e.g. due to inability to travel);
30% felt it helped reduce or counter any feelings of loneliness;
29% said it provided their main opportunity for contact with others.

Residence of participants:
55% of voters were permanent residents of Sennen;
25% were resident in West Penwith;
11% selected ‘Other’,
while 8% were semi-permanent residents of Sennen.

2017 Results:

Sennen Churchtown Hall Specific Surveys

The number of surveys per age group were:
16 surveys for ‘Under 5s’
69 surveys for ‘5 to 14 years old’
4 surveys for ‘15 to 20’
63 surveys for ‘Over 60s’

Results summary, %s rounded to nearest whole:

Age breakdown
Under 5s: 56% respondents for 3 to 5 years old
5 to 14: 69% respondents aged 5 to 10 years old
15 to 20: 50% respondents aged 15 to 16 years old, ditto 17 to 20 years old
Over 60s’s: 67% respondents aged 60 to 70 years old

Areas for improvement
Under 5s: 81% selected lack of baby facilities; 69% draughty cold dingy, 56 % proximity of main road and not sure what’s on.
5 to 14: 68% selected no Wi-fi; 52% don’t know what’s on; 52% cold and dismal; 47% nothing for me.
15 to 20: 100% selected no Wi-fi; 75% outdated; 50% don’t know what’s on.
Over 60s’s: 65% selected inadequate toilet facilities; 50% draughty and cold; 40% feels old fashioned.

Hall use/activities of most interest
Under 5s: 80% selected parties; 80% outdoor play area; 73% soft play outside, ditto creative activities; 67% gym sessions.
5 to 14: 75% selected parties; 64% cookery club; 61% gym, martial arts and boxing.
15 to 20: 100% selected gigs/open mic; 67% films; 33% dance; ditto fitness; ditto outdoor activities and ditto drama/singing.
Over 60s: 73% selected fundraising events; 69% film club; 60% exhibitions/shows.

Importance of the Hall for the community
Under 5s: 94% selected try new things with my child; 69% meet up with our friends; 63% help me do things locally rather than travel.
5 to 14: 78% selected meet with friends; 75% try new things; ditto hobbies and interests; 67% make new friends.
15 to 20: 67% selected know what’s happening locally; ditto meet locals; ditto access services otherwise not able to; ditto share similar interests; ditto get involved in local activities.
Over 60s: 83% selected meet local people; 75% feel more connected to the wider community; 63% know what’s happening locally.

Residence of participants
Under 5s: 88% reside in Sennen within one mile of Hall; 6.3% over one mile; 6.3% selected ‘Other’.
5 to 14: 71% reside in Sennen within one mile of Hall; 16% over one mile; 5% reside in Wider Penwith; while 5% were on holiday.
15 to 20: 50% reside in Wider Penwith; 25% reside in Sennen within one mile of Hall; ditto over one mile of Hall.
Over 60s: 66% reside in Sennen with one mile; 18% reside in Wider Penwith; 8% are semi-permanent residents of Sennen; 8% selected ‘Other’.


Sennen Churchtown Hall Committee would like to thank everyone for their support; with help from the people of Sennen & the wider community, we hope to secure a positive future for the Hall.