Sennen Churchtown Hall Survey

Sennen Churchtown Hall Committee would like to thank everyone who completed the 2015 survey. In total 284 ‘Public’ surveys were completed, 190 of them online. There were also 21 ‘Hirers’ surveys completed.

Results summary, %s rounded to nearest whole:
67% respondents were aged 21-60

Priority areas for improvement:
90% placed a new roof for the Hall as top priority;
2nd priority (53%) = upgrade of toilet facilities;
3rd priority (41%) = provide disabled access;
4th (39%) = improve heating & insulation;
5th (34%) = upgrade electrical system.

Hall use/activities of most interest:
48% selected Private functions (e.g. weddings, birthdays, anniversaries);
45% Fundraising events;
42% Keep-fit, ditto Yoga;
37% Film club, ditto Music/singing;
34% Drama (plays); 33% Art or craft classes;
30% Dancing, ditto Tai-chi, ditto Educational classes, ditto Coffee mornings;
28% Exhibitions/shows;
26% Photography;
25% Circuit/cross fit training;
24% Pre-school playgroup;
23% Book club, ditto Parent and toddler group;
22% Luncheon club for over 60s, ditto Senior citizens group, ditto Youth club;
21% Cookery club, ditto Uniformed organisations (e.g. Guides, Scouts, Brownies);
18% Special needs related;
17% Gardening club;
16% Vulnerable adults (e.g. bereaved, recently divorced); 15% Counselling;
14% Flower arranging;
13% Job seekers support;
10% Young farmers.

70% of participants interested in hiring the hall were interested in hire for a “1-off event”.

Importance of the Hall for the community:
Around 75% of respondents said the Hall enabled them to meet other local people & to feel more connected to the wider local community.
65% said it enabled them to try a new activity or encouraged them to get more involved in other local activities or organisations;
55% said it provided greater knowledge of what is happening locally;
35% said it provided access to services which would otherwise be difficult to access (e.g. due to inability to travel);
30% felt it helped reduce or counter any feelings of loneliness;
29% said it provided their main opportunity for contact with others.

Residence of participants:
55% of voters were permanent residents of Sennen;
25% were resident in West Penwith;
11% selected ‘Other’,
while 8% were semi-permanent residents of Sennen.

Sennen Churchtown Hall Committee would like to thank everyone for their support; with help from the people of Sennen & the wider community, we hope to secure a positive future for the Hall.